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P&L: Priorities & Lifestyle

May 8, 2024

Chris McKee returned to the show to discuss the recent transition of his company, Venturity, into an ESOP model. Rob and Chris discussed what it means to have a company be employee owned rather than selling to private equity, why it’s so impactful for employees to be able to build wealth within their careers, and how the process went. Rob and Chris also talked about why business owners need a team around them that can work well with each other in supporting the needs of the business. Join us to learn why ESOP is such a great option for founders looking to transition out of leadership.


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"An ESOP transition tends to be much more successful than a typical, maybe capital based exit, whether it's private equity or strategic, if you want to ensure the longevity of your company." - Chris McKee


This week on Priorities Lifestyle:

  • Going From A Carpenter To A Serial Entrepreneur

  • Selling A Company At 37 And Starting Over

  • Building Multiple Successful Companies

  • Learning When To Start Delegating

  • Pushing Yourself To Go Farther, Even When You Don’t Need To


Our Favorite Quotes:

  • "Our team members, as they're getting ten, $20,000 in their ESOP account. It's going to be really meaningful wealth for their families." - Chris McKee

  • “As business owners, just be aware that it takes a team of people to support you. And what we try to do is we all try to communicate with each other and come up with fantastic solutions for our clients." - Rob Schulz

  • "You know what makes me feel great is, I'm very invested in the team's success going forward, not just as an owner, but they're my friends, and so I want to see them be successful so they can find meaning in their work as well.” - Chris McKee


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